Holy Temple: 2 - Falling from Heaven


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The Holy Temple will descend ready-made from heaven. Fact or myth?

Rabbi Chaim Richman provides the answers from the sources of Torah wisdom to this question and many more in this multi-part series which will bust all of the myths that have come to clutter Jewish thought concerning the building of the Holy Temple and its significance to the entire world.

This video was made possible in part by the Shraga family of the USA, and by the Temple Institute, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.


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Rambam, 13 Principles of Faith, Introduction to Tractate Sanhedrin

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The Mitzvot are for Israel to Fulfill (G-d commands, we fulfill); G-d does not do the commandments:

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source for information about R. Y. ben Chanina B'reishith Rabbah 64

Ezekial 43:11, Rashi says 'so that they will know to do them'

source for R. Yehiel of Paris...Kaftor Va'Ferach, Rabbi Ashtori HaParchi, Chapter 6
Bet Hamikdash - Храм
beit hamikdash
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