Holy Temple: 5 - Ascending the Temple Mount


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"It is forbidden by Torah law to ascend the Temple Mount." Fact or myth?

Quoting directly from Israel's most illustrious sages, Rabbi Richman explains why it is not only permissible to ascend the Temple Mount today, but it is a positive commandment to do so.

Rabbi Chaim Richman provides the answers from the sources of Torah wisdom to these questions and many more in this multi-part series which will bust all of the myths that have come to clutter Jewish thought concerning the building of the Holy Temple and its significance to the entire world.

This video was made possible in part by the Shraga family of the USA, and by the Temple Institute, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.


(A complete list of sources for the entire video can be found at https://www.templeinstitute.org/holy-temple-myth-busters-sources.htm)

Minute 1:20 'According to halacha Jews most certainly could ascend to the Temple Mount today'

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Minute 1:35 'We Know Exactly Where We are Allowed to Go...Most Authoritative Opinion Informs Us...'

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Minute 1:55 'Measure and Determine Where the Mikdash Stood'
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Minute 2:15 'Sanctified Temple Mount was 500 square cubits'
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Minute 2:30 'To these areas of lesser sanctity we ascend, while scrupulously avoiding...'
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Minute 3:15 'Outer Areas of the Har HaBayit are Completely Permissible for Tamei Met',

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Minute 3:20 'In Fact, Even a Corpse'...
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Minute 3:28: 'And Moshe took the bones of Yosef with him'
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Minute 3:35 'Equivalent in Sanctity to the Levitical Camp in the Temple Mount'
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Minute 4:25 'Specific examples of decorum: walking stick etc.'
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Minute 5:20 'Because First and Foremost, the Har Habayit is the Place of Prayer'

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Minute 5:30 'Rambam's intention, one should only enter for the purpose of mitzvah'
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Minute 6:05 'As Opposed to the Temple Mount Which is Mentioned Countless Times'

The Expression 'Har HaMoriah':

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Bet Hamikdash
beit hamikdash
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