Holy Temple: 1 - Introduction


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We must wait for Moshiach to build the Holy Temple. Fact or myth?

The Holy Temple will descend ready-made from heaven. Fact or myth?

Building the Holy Temple will cause World War III. Fact or myth?

Rabbi Chaim Richman provides the answers from the sources of Torah wisdom to these questions and many more in this multi-part series which will bust all of the myths that have come to clutter Jewish thought concerning the building of the Holy Temple and its significance to the entire world.

This video was made possible in part by the Shraga family of the USA, and by the Temple Institute, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization .


*breaking the glass: BT Talmud Berachot 30,31

*fruit was lost: Sotah 9, 12

*all the Torah's commandments are for all of israel to fulfill - Rambam, Igeret HaShmad (Letter on Persecution), Yitzchak Shilat Edition, Volume I, pp. 57-58

*Rambam, Sefer HaMitzvot, Positive Commandments number 20

*Rashi on BT Sukkah 41:a, Ezekiel 43:11 ("so that they keep: They will learn the matters of the measurements from your mouth so that they will know how to do them at the time of the end.")
Bet Hamikdash - Храм
beit hamikdash
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