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  • Solar Eclipse or MoonShine vs WifeShine

    by Shmuel Katanov

     During the total solar eclipse - moon covers the sun. Moon aligns with a sun, and sun allows the moon to bathe in its aura.

    This is a MoonShine.

    A husband is considered to be as a sun and wife as a moon.

    When he follows the Torah and she helps him in that task - aligns herself with him, being on the same page with him in life goals, values and priorities - he grows and one day he will become a luminary - a sun. That's when as the moon she will bathe in his aura.

    When Rachel wanted to go through the crowd to see Rabbi Akiva - no one allowed her and that's when Rabbi Akiva said: "Let her through. All the Torah that you have and all that you know is because of this woman. All that I have become is because of this woman".

    This is a WifeShine.

    Rachel was bathing in the aura of her husband - Rabbi Akiva. Just like the Moon bathes in the aura of a Sun during a total solar eclipse.

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