The Kabbalah of Divorce


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Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Debates rage about the divorce rate in the USA. Some say it hovers around 40-50% -- meaning that close to half of all marriages end in divorce. Others argue that the rate is much lower, when one considers the marriage of higher age groups. But however you twist it, divorce is quite rampant. And that's not even considering couples who are all but technically "divorced" -- they may be officially married, for convenience, for the children, out of fear and lethargy, or other reasons (like the known evil being better than the unknown one), but they are sadly "divorced" emotionally and in every other way...

What are we to say about divorce? Very few experiences can compare to the profound emotions elicited by the sad breakup of a marriage. If you or your parents have been divorced -- you know the deep pain and far reaching impact divorce has on all those effected by it. There is hardly anyone today that has not been impacted in some way by divorce. Can we learn anything from divorce? Above all, can we do anything to build a healthy loving relationship, which will preempt divorce?

As difficult as it may be to discuss this raw subject, as a real part of life, the Torah (in this week's chapter) does not retreat from this painful issue. But most astonishing is the fact that the Torah devotes a full section -- four verses -- to the procedures of divorce, in contrast to the laws of marriage which get not even one verse. In fact, the laws of marriage had to be deciphered by the sages from hints and allusions within the very verses that pertain to divorce!

Please join Rabbi Jacobson's class as he tackles this difficult topic head-on. Discover the mystery and Kabbalah of divorce -- and come away with a whole new take on divorce, marriage and eternal relationships. Learn how divorce, as one of the 613 mitzvot, surprisingly has a positive role to play in appreciating love and marriage. Especially on the spiritual cosmic level, "divorce" can teach us much about betraying ourselves and our calling -- and how we can reconnect to our own souls and destinies. Come discover -- in this loving month of Elul -- the "mitzvah" of divorce.

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