Where does Negativity receive its energy?


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Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz

Tanya Chapter 22

"Where does Negativity receive its energy"

As G-D created the world by concealing his infinite power, There are 3 levels of energy.

There is the direct flow of energy & in the direct flow there are 2 levels.

1) The Internal will of G-D. This is the source of energy when one is in a Holy state namely when one studies Torah, observes Mitzvot & Prays.

2) The external will of G-D. This is the basic energy in the world.

There is the indirect flow of energy. This is the flow of energy in the Negative energy & impurity that exists in the world. Not only is it indirect it also does not get internalized.

The essence of the lack of humility to G-D & full of arrogance is idolatry as the truth is that all is really nullified to G-D

G-D resides with those that are humble.













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