To All Those Who Oppose Mashiach


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Rav Nir BenArtzi

G-d says that Mashiach is operating
inside "Am Yisrael"
And the time will come, and all those
who oppose the servant of G-d
Mashiach Tzidko, or Tzidkenu
Those who go against him without Investigating
enough and listen to gossip and rumours
G-d is telling you to repent urgently
Those who oppose King Mashiach - Sent by G-d
to save Israel and the whole world
All "beautiful souls" who speak evil
and spread baseless hatred
G-d is telling you: I will come to you in your dream
I will give you such shock waves, fear and dread
I myself - Creator of the world,
will come to you in your dream
G-d himself will come to you in your dream.
Then, you will crawl on the ground,
Asking for forgiveness
And may God forgive you
Stop getting in the way, you'd should not! Repent!
You'd better repent, because G-d is not
going to overlook
Do not speak "Lashon hara" (evil tongue)
Whoever is "Mezake Harabim" does not
say evil words about someone else
Whether he is the Chief Rabbi, his assistant,
whoever they are.
A real Tzadik does not curse people
-That is what they say from Heaven
Instead of cursing. Repent. This is the Blessing.
if you know about a dangerous person
who wants to harm people,
Complain; notify the Police, or the right authorities.
But do not speak lashon hara about anyone
I forgive all those who are getting
in the way and ... thing they do
I do not mean anyone specific;
My intention is that they save themselves,
Save other Jews, and wont spread baseless hatred
I do not have anything against anybody
What I know is what they deliver- I deliver
To save you, dear Jews
I am not looking for any favors, from anyone
Turn to G-d. speak to him directly.
Turn only to G-d, Don't turn to anyone but G-d

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