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Why Jews Love To Argue?


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Rabbi YY Jacobson

Three Prophets Declare "Eicha:" Moses, Isaiah and Jeremiah

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"An intriguing Midrash states that three of the great Jewish personalities communicated their prophesies using an identical Hebrew term, eicha, which means ""how"" or ""alas." The three were Moses, Isaiah and Jeremiah. It is logical to assume that the Midrash is not making a random observation of three people using the same term. Rather, the Midrash is attempting to tell us that there exists a subtle link between the three messages of Moses, Isaiah and Jeremiah. It is this connection that compelled the three giants to choose the dramatic term ""eicha"" for their conversations with the people of Israel." The class will show how these three messages are not only intertwined but actually evolve one from another, both historically and mystically.

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