Awaiting Moshiach's Imminent Arrival

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The Lubavitcher Rebbe

In Jewish law, when someone converts to Judaism, they are referred to as: “a convert who converts.” The obvious question: Before he converted, he was not yet a “convert,” he was a gentile? The commentaries explain that when a person converts it proves that he had a Jewish spark inside him all along, but he needed the conversion process in order to reveal it.
This principle applies similarly to all Jews, in all areas of Torah and Mitzvos. When one seeks to motivate a fellow Jew in a positive direction — for example, to genuinely be concerned and yearn: “Ad Mosai — When will Moshiach finally come?” — then even if at first the person resists the idea, this belief and yearning is not foreign to him; it is already ingrained deeply in his soul. You merely need to make him aware of it and help bring it to the fore.

From Living Torah (Volume 62, Episode 248)

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