Parashat Vayera - Zera Shimshon


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by Rabbi Yosef Akilov

The Zera Shimshon, Rav Shimshon Chaim ben Rav Nachmon Michael Nachmani, was born in 5467 (1706/1707) and returned to the wold of the living on the 6th of Elul 5539 (1779). His Seforim were named, Toldot Shimshon, on Pirkei Avot, and Zera Shimshon, on the Parshi’ot of the Torah.
In his introduction, he explains that since his only son had died during his lifetime, he wrote his Seforim to perpetuate his own memory after his passing. The following is his passionate request to learn his works:
“I implore of you with ten terms of supplication to choose from my Chiddushim (novelties) the piece that finds favor in your eyes, for your learning will sooth my soul etc… “This righteousness will stand by you forever – to ‘eat’ in this world, and be satiated in the next. In this merit, HaShem will repay you with children, health and sustenance. “…and now my brothers and friends etc. do a true kindness, and with your eyes you will see children and grandchildren surrounding your table, houses filled with all that is good, wealth and honor will not cease from your children…” 


























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