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Torah scholars know and they are waiting


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Slowly people get used to the fact that
the material world - has no value
And everyone will have to listen to
G-d through Meshiach
Whether they like it or not, This is what will be
Whoever looks at the world nowadays, realizes
That the world is full of baseless hatred, and evilness
The Creator of the world leads the world this way,
To decrease the power of impurity in the world
On the other hand, quietly, quietly,
God continues to reveal Massiach to people,
through dreams,Through everyday reality,
and through what we talk about here, G-d is
Publicizing Moshiach For the sake of Israel
it is time. There is no other time
Torah scholars (Gedoley Torah) know and they are
waiting. They are waiting for one another.
Waiting to see who will be "Nachshon" (first one)
There are a few Nachshonim
But some want to stay with the money,
the honor, the "Parnose"
"Why get dirty? Why have People who are against
Mashiach, religion, or holiness jump at me? "
In the meantime, I'd better stay with my respect.
I have a position, a salary, a job, money,
Leave Mashiach aside
Don't they understand that if they publish Mashiach
among the people of Israel, there would be no more
death? no more wars?
No one will take an inch from the Land of Israel
They will pray Shacharit in the Knesset of Israel,
And Mincha and Arvit, on TV, in front of everyone
The media people will all pray
in the morning, afternoon and evening
And there will be a "Parnose" for everyone.
And they get away,afraid to publish King Mashiach
They do know it, through the dream
they had received from G-d
It's not a hundred years from now, no, it's now
Mashiach has already started to act and do things
What do they want? That G-d will speak
to them from heaven?

in Hebrew, in English

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