Rabbi Noah Weinberg’s 7 Daily Questions


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By Rabbi Nechemia Coopersmith

In honor of Rabbi Weinberg’s 10th yahrzeit, spend some time answering the following 7 questions.

I can still hear Rabbi Weinberg’s voice reverberating in my head, encouraging us, pushing us. In honor of his 10th yahrzeit, spend some time answering the following 7 questions.

1. Are you confronting your fears and continuously stepping out of your comfort zone? Life is too short to play it safe. Get moving.

2. What are you living for? What is driving you to wake up early and tackle life? Know where you want to go and passionately work on getting there.

3. Have you given up unleashing your inner greatness? Don’t settle on being on mediocrity. Work hard to bring out your inner light and dazzle the world.

4. Are you fighting for the Jewish people? We’re in a spiritual and physical crisis, and every Jew can make an enormous difference in changing the world. What are you waiting for?

5. Do you remember that the Almighty loves you, believes in you and is rooting for you? Get your ego out of the way and let the Almighty in.

6. Are you getting inspired by the genius of Torah? You have the blueprint of creation in your hands. Dive in!

7. How are you committing suicide in installments? Stop wasting time and get the most out of life. Remember: the battle for life is the battle for sanity.














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