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Why Is There Ever a Mitzvah to Get Drunk?


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Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Addressing the Personal and Emotional Needs of Our Community and Answering the Most Pressing Questions of Our Lives -- from the Perspective of Chassidic Thought.


• Chassidus applied to Purim 1:43
• Why do we keep the Fast of Esther today when there is no decree? 08:32
• Why is there ever a mitzvah to get drunk? 12:33
• How could Mordecahi put all the Jews in danger by not bowing to Haman? 21:34
• Are their allusions in midrash that Esther was married to Mordechai? 27:32
• Why is G-d's name not mentioned in Megilas Esther? 30:55
• What did the Jews do wrong by attending Achashverosh's banquet? 36:01
• Why is Esther credited with saving the Jews by marrying Achashverosh? 41:53
• Why are women obligated to hear the megillah if it’s a mitzvas asei she’ha’zman grammah? 40:02
• Why are the three letters, tof, shin and zayin, purposely written in small letter in the Megillah?45:16
• What is the significance of the four verses of the megillah that we all read aloud? 47:59
• Why did Esther have two parties for Achashverosh and Haman? 50:59
• What are the origins of hamantashen? 58:02
• Is there a connection between Mordechai and Esther and the Babylonian gods marduk and ishtar? 28:24
• Did Vashti actually grow a physical tail? 54:45
• What ever happened to Zeresh? 49:12
• Did the Rebbe once say at a Purim farbrengen that everyone who raises their hand will become wealthy? 59:24
• What is the story with the Purim the Rebbe went into the small shul upstairs, asked that the doors and windows be locked, and then said a maamar to a small group of people? 01:01:10
• Chassidus questions:
1. How can Yom Ha’Kippurim, the holiest day of the year, be only compared to Purim (Ki-Purim)?01:02:53
2. What is the meaning of orah in la’yihudim hoysa orah, and how is it connected to havdalah? 01:06:06
3. How do we apply ad d’lo yoda? 01:09:00

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