Never slander the Holy Land of Israel


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Rabbi Shimon Semp

The three holy brothers, Reb Yochanan Rachmestrivker, Reb Itzik'l Skverer and Reb Dovid'l Tolner once came to Tolna for a Simcha, and Reb Dovid'l Tolner takes out wine from Eretz Yisrael and he gives it to his brothers.

And Reb Yochanan Rachmestrivker doesn't want to take any, and he says: You know I'm not such a maven on wine, I'm not that connoisseur, and when I'm going to drink that wine maybe I won't like it and I'm going to have a thought that it's not so good and then I'm going to be thinking slander on Peiros Eretz Yisrael.

Said Reb Itzik'l Skverer: I knew my Reb Yochanan was a Yiras Shomayim, but how much of a Yiras Shomayim… that I never knew.

Never slander the land – the holy land, טובה הארץ מאוד מאוד… Today.

Rabbi Shimon Semp, Rosh Yeshiva Talpios inspires through bringing Jewish spiritual concepts, with Chassidic Torah teachings down to earth. Collecting anecdotes, sayings and Divrei Torah from Chabad, Breslav and other Hasidic masters and Rebbes. Listen and get inspired.

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Defamation - Злословие
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