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Tweens, Teens and Technology

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Rabbi Yakov Horowitz

Let's start with a question: At what age can kids nowadays get into trouble on the Internet without their parents ever knowing, if they are inclined to do that?
Since that number is unquestionably getting lower, how can you effectively deal with the entire range of tech issues as it relates to the raising of your children?
This talk will help you develop a clear, coherent approach to tweets/teens and technology.
This parenting series is dedicated and posted free of charge by my dear friends Michael and Estelle Stein in memory of their parents in the hope that these classes will give parents the skills to raise well-adjusted children in today's complex and ever-changing world.
May the positive lessons learned from these classes be a zechus/merit for Mordechai Menachem ben R’ Zev, Batsheva bas R’ Moshe, and Ephraim ben Shmuel Dovid, and may their memories be for a blessing
Yakov Horowitz

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