One Door Never Closes


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Rabbi YY Jacobson

The Story of Reb Avner

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There is an ancient Jewish tradition that every man, every woman, every event, everything that ever was or will be, can be found in the tiny Torah Portion of Haazinu. This claim seems preposterous, but it is true, and documented in the name of one of the greatest of all Medival Sages, Nachmanides. (Rabbi Moses ben Nachman, born in Gerona, Spain, 1194, and died in the Land of Israel, 1270.)" This class will analyze an episode concerning one of Nachmanide’s students who became a terrible apostate upon hearing this teaching. Yet Nachmindes refuted him, and we will also find this students name in Haazinu and see how the words that spell his name also prophesized his end. We will discover the limits of repentance, and answer the question: ‘Can one go just too far?’

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