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Covid-19 - Secret of 100 Blessings a Day


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Rabbi Aharon Pessin

How can we stop a pandemic? There is an obligation in Jewish law for a Jew to say 100 blessings a day, which includes some of the blessings which are in our daily prayers, and blessings which are recited before performing various mitzvot through-out the day. The Tur explains why the obligation for 100 blessings a day was instituted - because of a plague that occurred in the time of King David. Rabbi Aaron Pessin shares the secret of 100 blessings a day and how it has the power to stop a plague. God willing with this will also stop covid-19.

Here are blessings recited over food:

Learn more about 100 Blessings a day:

Covid-19: Secret of 100 Blessings a Day (80 Sec) Rabbi Aharon Pessin

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