Stop Wasting Your Semen


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Know that there are two sides.
The side of good, and the side of evil (Sitra Achrah).
G-d created evil to provide man with free will.
The Sitra Achrah is like a shell (klipah) it has no energy of its own.
All the klipas must receive their substance from the side of holiness (kedusha).
Human fluids especially, provide substance to demonic forces.
It is for this reason that many satanic rituals require semen or blood.

All pain and suffering that exists in the world comes from the klipas.
In this generation the klipas receive most of their nourishment from people who are pogem their bris (desecrate the convent).
The most common of these transgressions is spilling seed (motze zera lvtalah).
Unfortunately this sin is quite common today. If people would realize its consequences many would stop.
Part of the seminal fluid (shichvas zera) comes from the brain, this is sent down the spine.
When a person spills seed he is wasting away part of his brain.
This lowers all functions of the brain especially memory.
Unfortunately most people were pogem since they were young and no longer remember their state of mind before they started.
Most people nowadays are controlled by their subconscious. Even conscious acts are strongly tainted by their subconscious.
This enslaves a person, strongly limiting his abilities.
Again someone who has never been out of the klipas can not associate with this. Through meditation one can feel this.
Spilling seed makes this much worse. A persons emotions are thrown totally out of balance.
Wasting seed uses up a lot of of the bodies energy this has many physical manifestations.
People who are pogem are always tired and need more sleep.
In addition the running of the hormones causes bad body oder and breath.
It causes people to bald prematurely and hair growth in strange places.
There is spiritual energy all over the place.
A special part of the brain is designated to receive these signals.
However the information entering from the five senses is so strong that it blocks out the spirituality.
A person who studies torah keeps halacha and meditates can feel spirituality very strongly.
Even a regular person can feel spirituality to some degree. A person should feel a difference on Shabbat.
Someone who is pogem habris loses almost all his ability to perceive kedusha.
One also loses his desire to study torah and do mitzvos.

Just like a person creates children through intercourse so to a person draws down souls every time he spills seed.
These souls are immediately captured by the forces of evil who torture and starve them stealing all their energy for themselves.
The souls brought down through a persons sins are also considered his kids.
They are not to happy about the position their father put them in.
After a person dies these souls come to take revenge on their father, causing him many problems.
In addition they also come after his physical children and try to harm them.
Using energy taken from this person, the forces of darkness give birth to Lilim (sexual demons).
These demons hang around a person steal his energy, confuse him and stick thoughts in his head.
Do not let this amaze you for if one meditates he will see many thoughts streaming through his mind are not his own.
These thoughts include sexual thoughts, thoughts denying G-D or just the worthless thoughts that clutter a persons mind most of the day.
At night these demons influence the persons dreams, and cause him to have nocturnal emissions (mikreh lilah).
Someone who was pogem habris has damaged the sifirah of Yesod, it is impossible for him to get far unless he rectifies the flaws he created.

When a person wants to stop being pogem it is very important for him to start learning the basics of Kabbalah.
Someone who understands the way things work will have a much easer time listening to halacha and sacrificing for Judaism.
In addition if a person meditates he can easily feel the ups and downs of spiritual life.
Never touch or look at your bris (sexual organ) be especially careful when going to the bathroom or showering.
Do not wear tight clothing especially underwear (wear only boxers).
Do not do anything that will warm your body before going to sleep. Eating certain foods and wearing certain clothes can give a person temptations.
It is self understood that you should not go near any books, movies, magazines, music, Internet and newspapers. All these are overflowing with zuhamah. 














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Wasting Seed - Семяизвержение
wasting seed, wasting semen
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