Week 4 - Netzach


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Counting of the Omer - Sefirat HaOmer - Week 4 – NETZACH

Week # 4 is all about the attribute of Netzach which is about the power of Determination and Resolve. But specifically overcoming the challenges and obstacles that come from the inside.
In regards to spiritual development the Sefirah of Netzach is one of the key strengths that we need in order to come closer to Hashem.
On our journey of self-development and personal transformation on becoming a merkava, or living chariot for the Will of the Infinite, sometimes we are super motivated and excited, and other times we are not. I could be psychologically or emotionally tired and lethargic. And that’s when the forces of Klipah can get me and knock us down. And that’s exactly when I need a dose of Netzach.

Day 22 - Chessed of Netzach
Day 23 - Gevurah of Netzach
Day 24 - Tiferet of Netzach
Days 25 and 26 - Netzach and Hod of Netzach.
Day 27 - Yesod of Netzach.
Day 28 - Malchut of Netzach.

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