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When to drive your sword into bed


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Rabbi Shimon Semp

And the Gamara in Sanhedrin tells the story of Palti ben Laish and Michal, that he doesn’t want to fall through a nisayon, so he takes a sword and he drives that sword in the bed and he says that whoever is going to transgress is going to die by the sword.

And I saw from Reb Meilech Biderman that the meforshim ask "look, if you don’t want to sin don’t sin, what’s the game of the sword?"

Many times we have an inspiration but we know that time is going to pass and we’re going to lose that inspiration, so what do you do in order to keep it? You make a Kabbalah, you do something that even when times are going to turn sour I’m going to keep my Kabbalah. And that’s why he drove that sword in.

The holy Rebbe Reb Meilech says: You know what it means להזהיר גדולים על הקטנים? There are times when you’re קטנים - you’re in קטנות המוחין, you know what the עצה is? להזהיר גדולים - take that inspiration you had when you were גדולים - make some type of a Kabbalah that’s going to drive that sword in, that you’re going keep to it no matter what, that even when those hard times come you will be able to pass it through… Today.

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