Day 10 - How to Balance your Spirituality and Get Over Fear of Money


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Sefirat HaOmer - Counting of the Omer

WEEK 2 – Day 10 – Tiferet of Gevurah

In this video you’ll learn the kabbalistic secret of how to balance your spiritual service and how to get over our fears of making a living.

If you’ve been following along in the series we started by taking a look and simply learning about the particular attributes of the 7 emotional sefirot of each particular day of the Sefirat HaOmer, the counting of the Omer… And now we’re going to kick it up a notch and start to tap into those energies with some super simple Kabbalaistic meditation, in order to effect real supra-conscious change….
The only thing we need to align our individual sefirot with the supernal ones is to have a genuine intention to connect to Hashem’s Infinite Unity and have a heartfelt desire to become the living expression of the Light.
O.k. Here we go. Today is Day 10 of the Omer which kabbalistically corresponds to Tiferet of Gevurah…
So we said Gevurah from the side of Kedusha is having Yirat Shamayim, or awareness of the things that either connect or disconnect us from the Light of the Ein Sof, and Tiferet here represents the attribute of Balance.
Tiferet of Gevurah is having a balanced way of connecting to Hashem, not too lenient and not too strict, but just right. And balanced is beautiful.

Tiferet of Gevurah from the side of Klipah. Here we said that Gevurah from the side of ego and Klipah is fear and worry about making a living. And so Tiferet which is also the attribute of Beauty falls into the trap of seeing the beauty and superiority of earning money and making a living…
And this is expressed by educating our kids and others that being immersed in the vanity of the material world is something that is desired and respected and needs to be pursued at all costs….

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Sefirat haOmer - Сефират hаОмер Wealth - Богатство
sefirat haomer, fear of money
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