Addiction and Abuse


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Rabbi Shais Taub

One hundred and fifty orthodox Jews filled the main sanctuary of Chabad of Boca Raton on October 11 for a night of awareness and education of child abuse (CSA). The highly charged event served as an opportunity to show support to victims of abuse and to educate the public about the dangers of abuse.

Rabbi Shais Taub who is world renowned for his work and writings in the field of addiction recovery spoke movingly, drawing parallels and lessons from the Torah portions of Bereishit and Noach which we are reading now.

Jewish Community Watch ( is an organization dedicated toward the eradication of child sexual abuse within the orthodox Jewish community. As a victim advocacy group and community awareness center, JCW provides information to community members relating to accused predators as well as providing training and resources for survivors and their families.

There is a growing new wave of people in our community that are standing with us to support the victim and prevent future victims.
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Addictions - Зависимости
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