Addicts, Sensitive Souls, and Other Spiritual Seekers


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Rabbi Shais Taub

▪Why do we pray on Yom Kippur for forgiveness for "the sin we committed with the evil inclination"? Aren't all sins committed with the evil inclination? Chasidus explains that this refers to the specific sin of failing to transform the energy of the evil inclination into a force for good.
▪What did the Baal HaTanya say to rescue an at risk youth?
▪Why is there a custom to cry for the two sons of Aharon on Yom Kippur? Were these two sons rebels or were they holy? Or were they both?
▪What did Carl Jung tell the alcoholic about spirituality that became the basis for a recovery movement?
▪What is a "spiritual canary"?

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Yom Kippur - Ём Кипур
yom kippur
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