How to Conquer Anxiety?


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Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Freeing Yourself from Fears
How to Conquer Anxiety
Ahh fear... That silent killer, that invisible force which has the power to paralyze our every move. How deeply do our fears and anxieties impact our lives? To what extent do they shape our choices (or lack thereof), our commitments (or non-commitments), our relationships (or break-ups)? Due to its insidious nature, can we even know fear's effect on us? It may be hard to admit, but how much of a factor does insecurity play in our attitudes and our decisions or indecisions?

Join Rabbi Jacobson as he addresses one of the biggest questions of our lives -- can our fears and anxieties be conquered? Learn how this life altering issue is actually the theme of this week's Torah portion, which opens up with Moses' fear of approaching Pharaoh. Discover how Moses learned to overcome his fear -- and with that opened up a secret door for all of us to free ourselves of our fears and concerns, and uncover new-found courage that will forever change the way you take on challenges.

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Fear & Worry
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