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Tell Them You Are My Sister

Rabbi YY Jacobson

Analyzing Avraham’s Request from a Halachik & Spiritual Perspective

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It is a uniquely enigmatic Midrash. Avraham says to his wife Sarah upon arriving to Egypt, “Please Say That You Are My Sister!” And the Midrash says: “From here we deduce that one may slaughter an animal on the Shabbos for an ill person.” What is the connection between the two?

The class explores three perspectives, the simple explanation; the insight by the Kesav Sofer; and a novel interpretation by the Lubavitcher Rebbe. It boils down to how Avraham analyzed the patterns of behavior that would be employed by the Egyptians, who would be willing to kill him but not to take a married woman.

The class concludes with the analysis of the story on a psychological and spiritual level, in our own marriages, and in our relationship with G-d.

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