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Rabbi Michael Skobac

CREATING THE MASTERPIECE THAT IS YOU: Personal Growth Through Mussar is the "second" of a 6-part lecture series called: DEEPENING JEWISH EXPERIENCE: The Spiritual Dimension Seminar with Rabbi Michael Skobac. The Midrash teaches that the Torah was only given in order to refine and transform us. A critical aspect of Jewish spirituality is the lifelong project of actualizing our personal potential and repairing our negative personality traits. This program explores some of Judaism’s profound teachings and techniques for self-perfection.

If you want to deepen your understanding of Judaism, are seeking more from your Jewish experience, or are just curious — DEEPENING JEWISH EXPERIENCE is the seminar is for you! In six stimulating sessions, Rabbi Skobac explores Jewish wisdom and inspirational teachings, discovering their profound relevance to your life. Enjoy!

JEWS FOR JUDAISM is dedicated to countering the growing multi-million dollar efforts of Christian missionary groups that target Jews, the impact of cults & eastern religions, assimilation & other challenges to Jewish continuity. JEWS FOR JUDAISM strengthens Jewish pride and identity and wins back Jews who have been influenced by missionaries & cults. We achieve our goals through FREE educational programs, materials and counseling services that connect Jewish people to the spiritual depth, beauty and wisdom of Judaism and keep Jews Jewish. Please contact us if we can help you: [email protected]


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Self Development - Саморазвитие
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