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The Arizal on the sin of wasting seed


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The Arizal writes that the sin of wasting seed is responsible for the long and bitter exile.
Golus is when reality become twisted and distorted.
The purer and more Godly something is, the greater it can be distorted.
Moshiach is about revealing the true nature and full potential of everything and everyone.

Relevant sources:
1) Genesis 24:2 With Rashi.

2) Likkutei Torah l'harizal, Yeshaya on the the verse ובא לציון

3) Sichos Kodesh 5710 Pinchas Sif 4.

4) Sichos Kodesh 5714 Simchas Beis Hashoeva Sif 26-28.

5) Sefer Hasichos 5752 Parshas Lech Lecha Page 79.

6) Sefer Hasichos 5752 Parshas Vayeira Pages 86-89.



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Mashiach Wasting Seed
mashiach, wasting seed
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