So said G- d: Go and rescue the people of Israel


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הרב ניר בן ארצי

Mashiach Ben David stands at the door

To be revealed to all the people of Israel

Dreams will come to many rabbis, or Torah scholars

Sages of the Torah

The Creator of the world will notify them
through 'HaMalach Gavri'el'

It will be certain and clear

They will not fear they are imagining things.

It will happen at night in their sleep

They will tremble in fear

From the speech of the Mal'achim:

'Look, the people of Israel are suffering.
The government is suffering'

Wake up, and awaken King Mashiach

Cry out to the Creator of the world

G-d will let you know exactly who he is

This is the end! He came out this Sunday

G-d is pushing him forward, to save the people
of Israel From the worst situation ever

G-d will not allow a civil war here

Meshiach is out, and everyone in Israel will cry out to G-d

To reveal Mashiach in public, with more strength

To let everyone know him and listen to him

Listening to him is listening to God,
He is the messenger of God in this world

Then the epidemic will stop, and hatred will stop

No more assimilation. The government will start functioning

The wicked will perish

It is in the hands of 'Gedoley Torah, right now

Encourage the people to ask and pray.
People also have a role in this.

People should ask for Meshiach every minute

Ask G-d for Mashiach to act

G-d gave him the authority, the kingship, and the scepter

So said G- d: the kingdom is in your hand.
Go and rescue the people of Israel

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