The Most Powerful Person, the Most Powerless Person


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Rabbi YY Jacobson

Who is the Greater Servant – the King or His Subject? A Meditation on the Essence of Leadership

"A Talmudic story about Rabbi Gamliel and Rabbi Yehoshua on a boat conveys the essence of leadership from a Jewish perspective. " "King Rechavam was the son of perhaps the most popular king in Jewish history, King Solomon, yet the majority of the nation rebelled against him leading to the fragmentation of the kingdom, and the establishment of a rival kingdom. In this class we will analyze the events leading up to this fateful split, and discover from the words of Rechavam his tragic mistake in his understanding Jewish leadership, and conversely, what constitutes ideal Jewish leadership and kingship." "Who is the greater servant – the king or his subject? This is the great struggle of every person in a position of leadership. "







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