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- - Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity - -
- - הִנֵּ֣ה מַה־טּ֭וֹב וּמַה־נָּעִ֑ים שֶׁ֖בֶת אַחִ֣ים גַּם־יָֽחַד - -

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How Pain, Guilt & Suffering Can Destroy Your Life


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Rabbi YY Jacobson

How Obsessive Guilt Can Destroy Your Life

As We Look Back at Our Inner Sedom, We Become Salt

The story of Lot’s wife is not just an ancient narrative; it continues to play a role in Jewish life. At every Shabbos and holiday meal, we have salt on the table, and we also dip our bread into salt. Why? One of the reasons is to remember Lot’s wife who turned into salt and to rectify her sin. 

But why? Why is the story of Lot’s wife so significant as to be reminded of it at every Shabbos meal for millennia? And how are we rectifying her behavior of looking back at Sodom by dipping our bread in salt?

Why indeed did Lot’s wife look back? Why couldn’t Lot’s wife control herself? What was so tempting about looking back? And why did she become, of all things, a pillar of salt?







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Bereshit-VaYera Suffering Pain
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