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Shmuel Reichman is an inspirational speaker and writer who has lectured internationally at conferences, shuls, and Jewish communities on topics of Jewish Thought and Jewish Medical Ethics. He is the founder and creator of "Shmuel Reichman Inspiration: Think. Feel. Grow," a platform from which he shares inspirational Torah videos that have reached over one hundred thousand people. In addition to this, he creates inspiring Torah videos for many Jewish organizations, including: Hidabroot, JLI,, Guard Your Eyes, Meaningful Minute, and Just a Moment.

Shmuel's passion in life is taking the deepest and most profound principles of Jewish Thought and making them both accessible and inspiring to his students and audiences. His mission is to help Jews connect to the beauty, depth, and meaning of Torah and Judaism. Shmuel currently lives in Washington Heights with his wife. For all questions, thoughts, or speaking engagements, Shmuel can be reached at [email protected]

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