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The Secrets Nobody's Telling You About Bringing Mashiach

Rav Dror

This inspiring lecture by Rav Dror talks about the spiritual topic that everyone wants to know about these days - The coming of Mashiach (The coming of Messiah). How do we bring Mashiach? When will Mashiach come? Are we ready for Mashiach? What will happen when Mashiach comes and what will happen during the redemption. The truth is that thinly way we ca bring Mashiach and bring the redemption is being being ourselves and reconnecting to our souls. No amount of show of being super righteous or super religious or super holy is going to bring Moshiach. And we can see that already, there are millions and millions of ultra orthodox and very religious and observant jews, and still - no Mashiach. It is because God wants something deeper from us. He wants us to be genuine. And he wants us to be pure in our service. He wants our heart. I am not saying he does not want observant or religious people, just that he only wants that if that is indeed coming from their heart. But he doesn’t need the whole world to be like that - religious, jewish, putting on tefillin and keeping shabbat and kosher. Those are all amazing things, but only if they come form the heart, and with an understanding that you are doing it out of pure love for the creator, and not at the expense of your real feeling, or the feeling of those around you. For the Mashiach to come, God wants the entire world to connect to him inside, in their souls. To open themselves up to feel Him and allow him into their lives. And if they see that it is their mission to start observing some commandments, so they need to do that, and if they see that it his will they stay non-jewish and simply connect to him and build a relationship with him through simple faith and prayer, so that is what they need to do. And people who are religious out of habit need to reconnect to their source, and people who are not religious at all need also to connect to their source, and when this happens, that is exactly when Mashiach is coming. That is what will happen during the redemption, that is when he Redemption is coming. And those are the secrets that nobody is telling you about the coming of Mashiach.


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