New Essay: The Wisdom of the Jewish Sage

- - Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity - -
- - הִנֵּ֣ה מַה־טּ֭וֹב וּמַה־נָּעִ֑ים שֶׁ֖בֶת אַחִ֣ים גַּם־יָֽחַד - -

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The Potential Moshiach of this Generation


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Rav Dror

This inspiring lecture by Rav Dror teaches about the righteous man of the generation, and how to recognize him. In every generation, there is one man who has the wisdom to help us find our souls and believe in ourselves, and has the power to show us and lead us in the right way of prayer. He is the Moses of the generation, and is responsible for the generation, the same way Moses was. He is the person that we can see humility, love, and giving on his face. And this righteous man goes and fights the war of God. The war to wake up the whole entire world to see the truth, to see and believe and have faith in God. To trust God and to love God. He is not God, or even divine, he is simply a man who has the mission to be responsible for the entire world. He has the characteristics of Mashiach, of the Messiah. He is not the Messiah, but he brings redemption and salvation to people. He helps them climb out of their spiritual darkness, and to get themselves on standing on their own 2 feet, spiritually and physically. He is a man who has worked on himself so much, like moses did, to purify his body so that his soul can shine through, and so that the light of God can shine through him to the world.

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