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Prayer for Blessings

Watch the prayer Parashat Haman for blessings and/or read along.

Prayer for Livelihood

It is You, the Lord our G-d,
Who nourishes, sustains, and supports
every living creature.

Provide me with my allotment of bread,
and bring forth food for me
and all members of my household
before I have need for it.

Livelihood May we be supported
in contentment but not in pain, in a
permissible but not a forbidden manner,
in honor but not in disgrace,
for life and for peace.

May we be supported
from the flow of blessing and success,
and from the flow of the Heavenly spring,

so that I will be able to do Your will,
engage in Your Torah,
and fulfill Your commandments.
Make me not dependent on the generosity of other people.

And may there be fulfilled in me the verse that states, "You open up Your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing" (Psalms 145:16).
And also the verse that states,
"Cast Your burden upon God and He will support you" (Psalms 55:23).

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